If you have a legal document (driver license, birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, judgement, passport, immunization card, etc. etc.) that must be translated, certified and notarized please read the following instructions. Thank you.

For immediate service call our Project Specialist at:

(734) 665-7295

or Email us at:


University Translators Services is an ATA (American Translators Association) accredited agency. We are able to provide you with a certified translation of your legal document(s) for use inside and outside the State of Michigan.

Upon receipt of your request we will proceed by first providing you with a quotation. In order to do so we need you to provide us with a legible copy (enlarge if necessary) of the legal document you need translated. If you are able to scan a copy of your original document you can email the electronic file as an attachment to .

Please use the following formats: (.DOC, .JPG, .PDF or .GIF). If you fax, email, or mail your document(s) to us please always include your name, phone number, address, and email address. We need at least two ways in which to contact you. We will confirm receipt of mail and emails on the same day received and respond with your quotation no later than 24 hours from receipt of your request.

Quotations are based on total word count multiplied by our cost per word rate as listed on our Written Translation web page. All jobs are subject to a minimum charge. Our minimum charge for translation is $150.00. Our minimum charge for proofreading, formatting and certification is $75.00. The quoted cost always includes translation, proofreading, editing, word processing, formatting, certification, as well as one notarized copy printed on our corporate letterhead.

Turn around time required for minimum rate jobs is four-five business days. Translations whose cost exceeds that of a minimum charge will be subject to a delivery date that adequately reflects the time required to translate and edit the respective word count volume. If you require rush service, which is subject to availability, we charge a 50% surcharge for delivery in two business days and a 100% surcharge for delivery in one business day. Overnight delivery or Same Day delivery of certified translations is available for a fee.

You will receive one certified copy of each translated document. Each translated document will be printed on UTS corporate letterhead and will include a certification statement indicating our ATA corporate membership number, which attests to the fact that the translation is accurate and has been performed by a certified translator. The certification statement will be signed by your Project Manager and notarized by Notary Public. You may order additional notarized copies for $10.00 per copy.

If you have any questions about this service please email your inquiries to Laurie Finch <lfinch@univtrans.com> or to Raquel Deuel <rdeuel@univtrans.com>.

Legal Document Translation Checklist for Client

  • Scan or Photocopy original document so that the text remains legible; enlarge if necessary
  • Review scanned version or photocopy to make sure all text and seals are legible and visible on page.
  • Prepare any instructions and/or transliterations of proper names that will be needed during translation.
  • Fax document, instructions and contact info to 734-665-1345 Attn: Raquel OR
  • Email document, instructions and contact info to Raquel Deuel at <rdeuel@univtrans.com>
  • Please include Name, Phone and Email Address on your cover page or in your email message.
  • UTS will confirm receipt and email you a quotation within 24-48 hours.
  • Confirm receipt of quotation from University Translators Services.
  • Review quotation and call or email us with any questions.
  • Email or call to let us know if you would like to proceed with translation and make payment.
  • When translation is complete we will email you a PDF proof; please review.
  • Accept proof with or without edits.
  • Fax or email us your suggested edits, if any.
  • Choose delivery method; electronic, U.S. Mail, Priority U.S. Mail, Federal Express or Same Day with Right Away Delivery.
  • If you need additional copies or if modifications are needed to your documents call us with your invoice number.
Download Checklist PDF