Legal and Technical Written Translation

Our translators all have a minimum of 15 years of professional experience and all are degreed in either a business, engineering, language, law, medical and/or a technical science field. We only work with human certified, degreed, and tested translators.

Certified translators are tested and certified by the “American Translators Association (ATA).” Following successful passing of the ATA certification exam, each translator must recertify every two years.

We will always pair your assignment with a native speaker of the target language who is a certified and highly experienced linguist for the respective subject matter/terminology. For example, if you present us with a German patent, which is related to the pharmaceutical industry and saturated with chemistry terminology, your English translation will be performed by our ATA certified German> English patent translator who holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry.

Confidentiality & Security

We guarantee you that our staff and operations will never compromise or divulge any of your proprietary information or confidential documentation. When requested, the Project Manager, as well as each assigned linguist, will sign project-specific Non-Disclosure Agreements. All original NDAs will remain on file at our Ann Arbor office. We encrypt and back up all data to an off-site location every evening, 365 days a year

Litigation Discovery Document Review

Our experienced legal reviewers are ready to assist you with reviewing and filtering out relevant information you need from volumes of foreign language discovery documents before any translation commences. Document review can save you money by preventing translation of superfluous written material.

Translation Memory

In order to maintain accuracy and consistency in translation, many of our translators have been trained to use what is called Translation Memory (TM) tools. Two of the most popular TM software packages are SDL Trados Studio and MemoQ.  TM software applications were designed with one goal in mind; make the translation process more efficient while enhancing the quality and consistency of translations. In a few words, while the translator translates, a translation memory tool operates in the background to “learn” original sentences and their corresponding translations.  This means that the translation is immediately available and will be suggested by the TM when the translator next encounters a similar sentence.

A translation memory (TM) can be extremely useful when updating a past version of a user manual or when translating brand new text that must be consistent with existing documentation. A translation memory file (TM file) can also be shared between translators. Repetitions and matches identified by the TM in high volume word count documents will be discounted.

Project Management

We will assign a Project Manager to every job; large or small. Your Project Manager will be responsible for communication, translator/interpreter team selection, scheduling, file conversion, gathering and distribution of reference material as well as monitoring our quality control process from start to finish. Please refer to our quality control process flow chart.

Proofreading / Editing

We guarantee a secondary independent human translator will proofread and edit every translation in order to check for completeness, translation accuracy, grammar, syntax, and style.

Handwriting and Transcription / Optical Character Recognition

We offer audio file and handwriting transcription services for medical, legal and personal documents. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) services are available for conversion of foreign script PDF files to editable text.

Desktop Publishing of Brochures and Business Cards

We provide multi-lingual desktop publishing for all software applications including, but not limited to CorelDraw, Dreamweaver, Excel, Flash, FreeHand, FrameMaker, Illustrator, InDesign, PageMaker, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Publisher, and QuarkXPress.


UTS stands behind every translation we deliver. We will provide a certification of accuracy statement on the company letterhead upon request. We underline and take personal responsibility for our certification statement by including a notary signature and seal on the finished master copy of the translation. Please review our “Certified Translation Instructions” page for detailed information on how to submit a request for a certified translation.

Consecutive and Simultaneous Oral Interpretation Services / Voice-Over Narration

We supply a wide range of interpreting services including, but not limited to the following formats and settings: Telephone, Conference/Seminar, Plant Tour, Business Meeting, Deposition, Courtroom, Medical Appointment, Immigration and Social Services. We can also reserve an experienced narrator for your audio or video productions.